top 20 english spanish dictionaries online

Top 20 English Spanish Dictionaries Online

(Last Updated On: February 23, 2021)

English Spanish Dictionaries

Can you imagine searching something on the internet and coming across the ‘no results found’ page? No, right? Because that isn’t something that happens in the year 2020. Even if you are looking up something obscure, the internet will be able to provide you a few answers, at least. Today, we have millions of sources of information, but social media networks come on top in providing their users with the latest news. However, that isn’t to say that the powers of the internet are only limited to news. There isn’t any topic that the internet can’t help us with. It can even help users with languages.

The Spanish Language:

The whole world is always way too focused on the importance of English, but it is Spanish, which will be the language of the future. Even now, it is spoken in over twenty countries. By the year 2050, the US will become the country with the highest number of Spanish speakers. It is true that English is not going away anytime soon. It is a powerful vernacular which is considered the lingua franca of the world. However, that doesn’t mean that it will be the sole ruler of the linguistics world in the future too. Even today, any US company that wishes to work in Latin America will not be able to do so without the help of Spanish.

People who travel frequently will need assistance in translating their sentences in Spanish quite often. They will run into a Spanish speaker in every other country, but they won’t be able to communicate properly without knowing the vernacular.

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Top 20 English-Spanish Dictionaries Online:

Whether you are a student of Spanish or a translator who needs help with improving their vocabulary, a dictionary can be highly valuable. But since we are always connected to the internet, online dictionaries are a lot better than paperbacks. Here are the top 20 English-Spanish dictionaries online:

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  1. Google Translate:

You must have heard of this one already, but along with providing users translations, it is also pretty helpful as a dictionary. It has a huge database that is regularly updated. However, people may not find it reliable because of the fact that it is a machine translation.

  1. Microsoft Translator:

Another useful source of English-Spanish Dictionaries word search is the Microsoft Translator. Just like Google’s program, it offers translation to its users. However, it is pretty good at providing the meaning of words.


This is the perfect place for people trying to learn Spanish, French, etc. It offers bilingual support for multiple languages and is one of the most popular websites for linguists. It offers regularly updated dictionaries and translations into multiple languages.


This is the largest online Spanish dictionary in the world. It is completely free. Along with the meanings of words, it also offers their pronunciations so students of the language can learn to speak it as well.


Another popular bilingual website in the world is You can look up billions of English words and find their Spanish meaning. You will also be presented with examples.

  1. la:

This one offers all the features of a good English-Spanish Dictionaries website along with some pretty awesome word games, so your learning experience will become pretty fun.

  1. Cambridge Dictionary:

This is just a plain and simple English to Spanish dictionary, but it is quite reliable.

  1. Collins Spanish Dictionary:

A name that is widely known in the world of dictionaries is of Collins. The Spanish dictionary is a useful source for the lovers of the language.

  1. Oxford Dictionary:

Another name you can trust is that of the Oxford Dictionary. The best part about this one is that it offers solutions into both Castilian and Latin American Spanish.

  1. Reverso:

This one offers multiple examples to teach you how to use a word in different contexts. Many students of Spanish will appreciate this help.

  1. El Mundo:

Primarily a news website, it also has an extensive dictionary. You can look up synonyms and antonyms of words too.


Do you want to learn the meanings of different words and read interesting linguistic news in one place? Then visit this website today.


This is a plain old dictionary but accepts recommendations from users, which helps it improve regularly.


This is another website that provides you examples to teach you how to use a word in a particular context. Although this is in Spanish, you can go to its English version simply by clicking the translate button on your Google Chrome.


Powered by Merriam-Webster, this is another helpful resource for the students of Spanish.

  1. Larousse:

Although this is a French dictionary, they do have an English to Spanish dictionary on their website, which has a database of 250,000 words.


This website supports multiple languages. Its user interface is loved by many for its simplicity.


If you want dozens of results for a single word, visit this website, and you will not be disappointed. You will also get offered solutions that match the word you searched for.

  1. Yandex Translate:

This is another translation tool that works perfectly well as a dictionary too. It offers pronunciations and detailed results for each search entry.

  1. Glosbe:

This multilingual dictionary helps hundreds of people every day with accurate search results. It provides dozens of results for something as simple as ‘hello.’

Try the above-mentioned dictionaries, and you will get a lot closer to your goal of becoming fluent in Spanish. More read more in our blog post about English language adopting new words in the dictionary.

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