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What are the Most Unique Languages of the World?

(Last Updated On: May 18, 2021)

Are you a person who is a man of his own words and believe that words are the most powerful thing that anyone can ever have? If yes, then you must know that words are not just the pair of alphabets, they are more than that. There are some very unique languages in our world.

As Rudyard Kipling said, “Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind.”

Well, words are more like people; they show happiness, disappointment, excitement, and anger. Just like us, words also come in all the size and shape.

So, have you ever thought about learning or exploring new words from different languages, instead of just sticking to high school course languages?

Without any further delay let’s just explore some unique languages of the world.

How many languages are spoken in the World Today?

There are more than 7000 languages that are spoken today in the world. The figure might be different because it is difficult to reach some isolated or remote island paradise.

Among all those 7000 languages there are some most unique and unusual spoken languages that you must know before you die. Also check out our recent blog on the coolest languages.

Ten Most Unique Languages around the World

Here is the list of some of the uncommon or unique languages. If you will learn these languages, it will make you stand apart from others.

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Finnish Language

Finland is located in between Sweden and Russia, so you can say that the Finnish language is a mix and match between these two. They are language relatives. It is a beautiful language. Their language has its unique qualities. The Finnish language contains Latin alphabets along with some additional letters of ä, å, and ö as in Swedish. Finnish contain quite a unique dielectric, and these dielectrics vary in different areas for the Finnish speakers. Finland is under the rule of Swedish so; it is one of the official languages there.


Archi is one most unusual and unique languages in the world. People in the South-Western region of Russia speak Archi. The unique property of this language is, it has more than 1 million ways to alter verbs, which is not easy at all to remember. There are as such no written records of Archi. However, it was studied with Latin lettering.


The Basque language seems like a romance language because it is spoken in the region of France and Spain. It is one of the few living languages of pre-Indo-Europe before Rome and other empires. Thus, also known as the Indo-European language. There are various speculations thoughts about what language it’s generally similar to, however, the greater part of them have been exposed at this point. It uses the Latin letter set, yet its numbering framework is unique.

Silbo Gomero

People of La Gomera, an island in the Canary Island in Spanish territory speak Silbo Gomero. Silbo Gomero is also known as whistling language. It is used to talk to people over a long distance, as it carries ravines and mountainous Islands. In 1950 after the invention of the telephone, Silbo Gomero starts to decline. But, now people start learning it in schools to make it rise again.


Huaorani, also called Waorani is one of the most unusual languages in the world. People who belong to some remote areas such as Amazon in Peru and Ecuador stills speak Huaorani. It is also on the list of endangered tongues because its native speakers start learning and speaking Quechua and Spanish language. The most unique property of Huaorani is the pronunciation of vowels that are used to signify different meanings. This is the most uncommon and different from the surroundings.


Friulian is known as one of the oldest languages in Europe. It is related to Latin and the Romance language family. It has speakers from Italy as well. Because of recovery during the 1960s, it appears to be this language isn’t going anywhere. It’s all around archived, beginning in the thirteenth century ahead, and is an official language of Italy today.


Since you are well aware of the Korean language, at least you have heard of it even once in your life. You might be surprised to see the Korean language in this list. It originates from a Chinese character that is known as Hanja. It is an isolated language. There are two schools of thought about Korean; some say it is related to Japanese while others say it is related to Mongolians.


You probably know how unique the Chinese language is. It is the most uncommon tongue of human language. There are no such real alphabets in the Chinese language. You need to learn at least 3000 words just to read an email of it. The Chinese language varies in every region; even the people of the different regions don’t understand each other because of differences in tone. A single word has many different tones and each tone has a different vocabulary i.e. it changes the original meaning. For example, their number four means bad, because it sounds similar to the meaning of death.

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It is entirely a unique language just because of its irregular verbs. Over 10 million people speak Esperanto as the second world language, at that time. It has its Braille system, which uses Latin alphabets. In past, it was about to become an international language. However, it is not an easy language to learn, because the world speaks Asian languages. It originally comes from Indo-European and some romance languages such as Latin or Spanish or French language. Today Esperanto has only a few speakers.


In the middle ages, migrating Great Britians brought Breton to France. It is part of an Insular Celtic language. Breton stayed alive in France for so long. But in 1960 the government of France forces everyone to speak only French. Only a few people on earth can speak Breton and considered as endangered. People are making affords to raise it again but it is too late now.

What characteristics make a human language unique?

Some fascinating characteristics that make a language unique are given below:

You can speak some unusual languages i.e. Piraha, just by whistling, which is fascinating.

Some American languages have gestures that are used to speak or ask. These languages are also termed unspoken languages.

Some uncommon languages are without vowels.

Some of them have word with no specific words i.e. Warlpiri

What are the benefits of learning unique languages?

Well, learning an unusual language is not easy. You need to motivate yourself to explore a completely different world. Here are some of the benefits of learning unpopular languages that will instantly make you stand up and go to language coaching classes. Let’s have a look at it!

  • A key to unlock a hidden world

It is one of the most important factors to learn a unique language. The world is full of mysteries and wonders. It is way too much than your English language or French courses in high school. So you should go for it.

  • Competitive advantages of workplace

Learning unique languages will make you a good competitive at your workplace.

  • Future career opportunities

It will also provide you best future career opportunities and will help you to build a strong future.

  • Fun and entertainment

Learning and exploring a unique language is also a fun activity to entertain you in your leisure time.


In the end, we can say that learning languages are a never-ending journey. You just have to motivate yourself from time to time.

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