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What Are The USCIS Translation Guidelines?

(Last Updated On: July 30, 2020)

Many people have debated whether or not guidelines are good for society. But one thing can be said for sure that not many of us would have stayed on the straight path if it weren’t for the laws established by the governments of the world. Even before laws, we had social norms that people had to follow if they wanted to be accepted by the society. Societal norms are still very important that people have to adhere too if they want to co-exist with others in a community. Some might even say that norms set up by the society have more power over people than laws set up by governments.

But without comparing the two, we can agree that people have to follow every rule set up by the government and the society so they can be a law abiding and respectable citizen of their community. This is why there are guidelines about everything we have to do in life. But every state-run department takes extra measures when it comes to setting up rules and regulations. They have to be extra strict about the procedure so they can set a good example for everyone. Everything that is not guided by a set of rules will end up in a disaster sooner or later.

Immigration and visa application are very complex procedures but they are also very crucial for a country’s safety. States can’t just let anybody walk through their borders. They have to set up various rules to make sure that the people entering their border are not criminals. Terrorism is a threat that the whole world is facing and its supporters are very clever. They don’t shy away from using the cruelest methods to get through security, which is why extra security measures are put in place to prevent their plans from becoming reality.

USCIS Translation Guidelines

USCIS Process:

People move to a foreign country for a number of reasons but nothing is more heartbreaking than someone having to leave their birth place because of an ongoing conflict. No one wants to live in a state that never gets peaceful and neither do they want their kids to grow up in a warzone. Still, there are many who can’t afford to move to a safer place and have to get through the dangerous times. Majority of the people in war torn areas belong to the class that have to stay behind because they don’t have any other option. Those who can make the move have to fulfill so many regulations before their applications can be accepted that many give up halfway through.

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America is one of the safest options for most people who are living in a place devoid of peace. But American immigration is one of the toughest processes in the world to get through. The USCIS has way too many regulations that people have to follow through if they want their application to be considered. But that doesn’t mean it is impossible for people to get through the USCIS process successfully. Those who have the right guidance and help will have no trouble getting through the process. Their applications will also be accepted if they listened to the experienced people.

What are the USCIS Translation Guidelines?

There are speakers of more than 7000 languages in the world. Each country publishes government documents in its official language which makes those documents impossible to understand for those who don’t speak that tongue. If you have to explain a document to your friend, you can do that in an informal way. In such a scenario, you won’t have to follow the complex rules of translation. You can use your words to summarize a document or a story for your friend.

But when it comes to official matters, you can’t carry out a translation yourself. You will need the services of a qualified translator. When you have to submit your birth certificate or some other personal document to the USCIS for your visa or immigration application, you will need its translation if it is not in English already. People at the USCIS who have to check your documents cannot understand them if they are in any language other than English. That’s why people need translations of their documents before they can be submitted with the immigration application. Here are USCIS’s guidelines about the translations you will need to attach with your application:

  • It has to be a certified translation, which means it should be accompanied by a signed statement of the translator stating its accuracy.
  • It should contain as much information as the original paper and look like its copy with only the language’s difference.
  • It should be free of all kinds of errors. If there are any errors in one of your documents, it will become invalid and won’t be accepted by USCIS.
  • The translator working on your documents should have the necessary experience in translating immigration papers. If they don’t have the experience, they won’t be able to do your task efficiently.
  • The translation should be submitted with the application. It should be attached to the original document, so people can compare the differences between the two and see if the interpretation is accurate.

The USCIS takes it job pretty seriously because they know they are also defending the country’s borders. So, if they have set up rules and regulations, they are only for everyone’s benefits. The translation guidelines will help you find the right professional for the task.

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