What Does Chimba Mean?

(Last Updated On: July 26, 2021)

Living in a generation, where everything in our lives is substantially influenced by the Internet, is the current situation in human history. The internet also influences the use of social media. Some of the most popular and social platforms with the most number of monthly users include Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp.

These social media platforms are used widely throughout the world to communicate with each other by sharing pictures, videos, voice messages, and text messages. With the availability of the Internet, these social media platforms help us send and share our thoughts with other people within a matter of seconds.

The society we live in has all kinds of people i.e, extroverts, introverts, and ambiverts. When communicating with other people, introverts may not want to send voice messages or do a voice call with the other person. Sometimes, even extroverts and ambiverts may feel the same. To tackle such self-consciousness, they would want to communicate by sending text messages.

As the present-day world is a global village, where nearly every person needs to work to afford his or her expenses, people get tired easily. At the end of the day, people may not have the energy to reply to work-related messages or even their friends and close ones, after working the whole day. They use “slang” in text messages in such a situation or just casually with their friends to save their time and energy and to avoid long formal words of the English Language.

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In today’s article, we will introduce you to the term “slang” to help you get rid of all your ambiguities. We will also teach you some of the most used slang words from the other languages especially from Colombian Spanish because why not? Let us get started.


People usually use slang words in their casual conversations with their friends and their nearest and dearest ones. No matter if you are at a party in London, in a restaurant in Paris, or on the Internet from any corner of the world, you may feel the urge to basic slang words to make your conversations with friends sound easy-going. For the time being, we will emphasize one of the most useful and popular Colombian Slang words, which is “Chimba”.

What does Chimba mean?

The word Chimba is a slang word widely used in Latin Countries where Spanish or other Spanish dialects are used. This slang word originated in Colombia, South America. It has several different meanings under the way or the situation it is used in. This Colombian slang term is sometimes also used as a Colombian slang insult.

What is Colombian?

Colombian is the Official and the National Language of Colombia, a South American country. It is a dialect of the Spanish language which evolved from old vulgar Latin. Colombian Spanish is spoken in Colombia and all over South America. The Colombian people are known for manufacturing the best quality black coffee in the whole World as well as for making new South American slang words.

Meanings of Chimba in English:

The word “Chimba” is a common slang term of Colombian origin. It is of basic level. When translated to English, the world Chimba contains many different meanings that may be used in contrasting situations. It just depends on the build of the sentence, to know its meaning accordingly. This Colombian slang term is used widely in Latin America and Central America.

Chimba as in Lucky Man

Sometimes, this word is used in such a way to denote luck or to describe a lucky man. It is one among the few positive meanings of the above-mentioned word. For example, if a man escapes a traffic accident or escapes a huge loss like loss of life, he is called a lucky man in the Colombian language. This slang term is used to appreciate the good luck, a particular man possesses.

Chimba as in Cool

In other references, it is used to appreciate and cheer up something or someone to make them do even better. It is also a positive meaning of the already mentioned slang term. For example, if someone does something extraordinary or better than before, they listen to the word “Chimba” used in an appreciative sentence by their friends and colleagues for them. Also, if something looks appealing or attractive, Colombian people may use the word to describe and appreciate it in the best possible.

chimba lucky man
chimba cool

Chimba as in Pretty Girl

In Colombia, South America, people especially men use this word to describe a curvy woman. In the streets, Colombian use this term to cat-call women who seem physically appealing to them while in North America, men of any age, especially of Spanish descent, use this term as Spanish slang to cat-call any woman who fits in their definition of “cool woman”.

It is the most negative way, this slang can be used. If this slang is used this way, it is considered very offensive, and misogynist by the women. Some men even use this slang to refer to female genitalia in a perverse way which uncovers them as a person with very sexist views.

Chimba as in Lousy

Colombian people use the term “chimba” even when they are upset with the way how a thing looks or how a particular thing is. When something looks unattractive or less captivating to them, they use this slang word. For example, if a Colombian local does not like a book he got gifted, he would say “What a lousy book!” in Colombian Spanish, in which Lousy would be translated into Chimba.

Chimba as in No Way

It is also a negative way in which this slang can be used. When a Colombian speaker does not like and does not want a specific thing, he or she would say “No Way!”.

Meaning of Chimba in Swahili:

In Swahili, a Bantu language of African origin, the Colombian slang word “Chimba” translates into dig or a trench. A trench is an excavation that is deeper than it is wide. In World War 1, trenches were dug to fight and drive back the enemy forces back to their country.


For a country, that is already so rich in culture, history, art, and language, it must be a delightful feeling to develop new slang words and increasing its vocabulary time by time. The Colombian language is a very classical language that is being developed and evolved at a very fast rate by the invention of new words and slang terms that can be used daily.

It is also very thought-provoking how some residents of Colombia do not think for a moment that they are maligning their culture and language by using such beautiful words as “chimba” in a very negative way.

In our opinion, not only the people of Colombia but also people from all around the world should be encouraged to educate themselves about using the right slang words at the right time so they would not sound rude and the sentiments of people around them would go unhurt.

Also, we should be well aware of choosing the right vocabulary to avoid discriminating against people based on their looks, religion, race, or skin color. To learn more about wonderful languages, keep reading our blog.

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