Social Security number

What is a Spanish Social Security Number?

(Last Updated On: October 17, 2019)

Children realize the importance of a few things pretty early on in their lives. As they grow up a little, they begin to understand that money matters. Although this understanding develops because they want new toys all the time and know nothing about actually making money, it is a step forward at least. They also how realize how important it is to respect others. Parents teach their kids right from the start not to be rude or loud. This teaches them to be polite. Another thing whose importance become apparent to kids in their early lives is numbers. When they get to celebrate their birthday and receive presents on a certain day, they realize how important some dates can be.

When they enter school, they are told to get good marks or they won’t succeed in life. They also get to memorize their parents’ phone numbers for emergency scenarios. Kids are also taught by their parents to always remember their home address. Once they get into college, the importance of good grades increases. During this time, people also begin to understand how important money is in the world. They try to keep track of their expenses by writing them down in a notebook.

Some numbers, unlike the ones in your bank account, don’t bring you any obvious benefits. But they are a part of your identity. Identity numbers are written on different identity cards. From your library to academic institute, everywhere you go, you get issued a card. This card comes with a number that works as your identification. In some countries, an ID card is issues by the government as proof of a person’s identity. These cards come with long identity numbers that are very important. From opening a bank account to casting their vote, people can’t do much without their identity card number.

Social Security number

Social Security Number (SSN):

In countries where no definite ID cards are issued to the citizens, there are other numbers and documents that serve as proof of identity. In the US, the driver’s license is often used as a proof of identity because it contains all the important information about an individual. The permanent residence address, father’s name, and date of birth are the most important things mentioned on the driver’s license. But a driving license is not the only way of identification. Another important document that everyone has is a birth certificate. Papers like driving license and ID cards are not issued until a person turns eighteen but birth certificate is something people get shortly after their birth.

A birth certificate opens all the door for a person. From school admissions to foreign visas, nothing is possible without a birth certificate. But when it comes to numbers, the most important one is a social security number. In the US, it helps the government to track individuals for social security purposes. In other words, with the help of social security numbers, the government decides about distributing benefits among the deserving citizens. It also helps in taxation. People have also stolen others’ SSN for benefits.

What is a Spanish Social Security Number?

The Spanish SSN is a bit different from that of the US. For instance, it is not only used for social security purposes but also for healthcare facilities. Any foreigner who is working or studying in Spain must have an SSN. For those who are employed in Spain, it is paid for by their employers. Those who are applying for Spanish visa or immigration must also apply for their SSN.

Social Security number

How to Get Spanish SSN?


The process of getting your SSN in Spain used to be quite simple but it has changed a little bit in the recent years. However, it is not very complex, especially if you know Spanish. For those who don’t, getting through the process is impossible without the help of a translator. Whether you decide to apply online or in person, you will have to fill a form. This TA-1 form is in Spanish and if you are going to fill it in person, you should take a translator with you. There are also cheating methods available online that claim to get you through the form with remarkable ease. But if you really want your form to get accepted, you should get in touch with a professional instead of relying on the internet.

Once you have filled the form, you will need to get your documents in order too. All the foreign citizens will have to present photocopies of their passports. If your passport is not in Spanish, you will need to get it translated. If you are moving to Spain on a work permit, you should also present your employment contract as proof in order to get your Spanish SSN. If your contract is in English, you will need its translation too. Once you have gotten all your documents translated and filled the form, you can apply for the SSN without any hesitation. As long as you have your employment contract or university admission notice, you won’t have any problem getting your social security number.

Life is full of uncertainties and you can need emergency services any time. It is better to be prepared beforehand. Living in Spain without getting your SSN is not only dangerous but also unwise. Since your employer will be paying for the SSN, you have nothing to worry about. All you have to do is get your documents in order and apply for the Spanish social security number.

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