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What is Jayus?

(Last Updated On: May 18, 2022)


What exactly is Jayus? Some people think it’s an acronym or that it has some funny definition, but the reality is much simpler than that. It’s just the Indonesian word for joke, only with two additional letters at the end. While it’s not in most people’s vocabularies, you may have noticed it on social media over the past few years as internet memes started coming from Indonesia and other countries with large Muslim populations.

basically, Jayus is a unique form of humor that is characterized by its absurdity and lack of punchline. It often confuses and frustrates listeners, but can also be strangely intriguing. Jayus jokes typically involve non-sequiturs, wordplay, and surrealism, making them difficult to explain. Despite its challenges, jayus humor can be strangely addicting, and those who enjoy it often find themselves seeking out new and even more baffling examples. Read the blog about to know funny translation versus weak translation.

One example of a jayus joke is “Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the other side.” This joke is nonsensical and doesn’t make much sense. However, the delivery and the reaction of the audience can make it funny. Another example of a jayus joke is “Why did the duck cross the road? To get to the other side.” Again, this joke is nonsensical and doesn’t make much sense. However, the delivery and the reaction of the audience can make it funny.

Jayus is a Indonesian word that describes a joke so bad that it’s funny. Jayus jokes are often nonsensical, making them difficult to understand. However, the humor in a jayus joke comes from the delivery and the reaction of the audience.

The Beginning

‘Jayus’ refers to a joke that is so funny, it causes one to laugh in a manner resembling an ancient form of laughter – one that is ‘Jay’, i.e. barely audible and unamused. The humour is derived from such poor timing or execution, that if you were trying to be funny, people would not only fail to see your point – they might think you were an idiot.

The Defination

The word Jayus is a combination of two Indonesian words: Jawa and humor. Jawa is an ancient kingdom in Indonesia, while humor comes from English.

Why Are People Interested in Jayus

One of Indonesia’s native jokes, jayus (pronounced YAY-oos) is often translated as witty but with no point. Indonesians will find an endless supply of videos online that can be filed under this general category. Often, these videos are just a collection of clips played without comment or narration. In other cases, there may be some voiceover that sets up each clip and attempts to tie them together in some clever way.

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Who is OnlyJayus?

Isabella Avila, aka OnlyJayus, is being called out after screenshots of their old texts leaked online. In these messages, Avila harassed another creator on Instagram using both racial and anti-gay slurs, which led to fans calling for them to apologize.

On Feb. 13, OnlyJayus finally broke their silence and issued an apology, but many Black creators have deemed the apology inauthentic and are calling for them to be canceled. The apology has since been removed. Onlyjayus also deleted an initial apology shortly after it was posted, which the Change.org petition claims or petition update was ghostwritten.

OnlyJayus is a 21-year-old TikToker known for their humorous videos about science and psychology. Many people online refer to them as the “Psychology Facts” person because of all the information they share with their 13.5 million followers. They have been making videos online since 2016, and they started on YouTube before moving to TikTok in 2019.

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Some of OnlyJayus’ old texts leaked online, which showed them using racial and anti-gay slurs.

In early February 2021, screenshots of OnlyJayus’ old conversations from August 2016 leaked online. In these conversations, which were allegedly with another white creator, they used both anti-gay and racial slurs or anti-gay slur including the n-word, the f-word and the c-word. They also wished harm on the person on the other side of the conversation and said things like “I hope your parents get cancer” and “I hope everyone you love dies.”

As soon as fans caught wind of the conversation, they demanded that Avila apologize for using such heinous slurs. Some people pointed out that Avila is part of the LGBTQIA+ community, but most agreed that that didn’t excuse their use of the f-word as an insult.

On Feb. 13, OnlyJayus finally apologized for their old texts.

On Saturday, Feb. 13, OnlyJayus finally addressed the controversy on their various social media channels and apologized for the “disgusting” comments they made. n the second part of their apology, Avila revealed that she would be taking some time to “take a step back” and give their platform to Black creators so they can “educate others on the trauma that happens when we use this kind of language.” The hair color of Isabella Avila is blonde.

OnlyJayus’ apology did not go over well with Black creators.

Several Black creators have called out OnlyJayus for what they see as a weak, half-hearted, calculated apology. TikToker and activist @morgan.thecreator made a video explaining “everything I hated about OnlyJayus’ apology.” Some of the things they listed included Avila’s “fake crying,” their “scripted” apology, and the fact that they thought that using the n-word was the best jab to make at someone.

TikToker @sietesays felt similarly. They noted that OnlyJayus didn’t just say the n-word — they intentionally used the word to insult someone for loving and appreciating Black people.

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Petition to ban OnlyJayus from TikTok goes viral

In June, a change.org petition to ban OnlyJayus from their platform has emerged. As of July, it has more than 420,000 signatures. According to the website, the star has allegedly been “called out multiple times for mistreating disabled creators and creators of color,” then lists examples.

The writer claimed that OnlyJayus failed to “lift Black voices” or “share their platform with creators of color” as promised.

“Isabella has a following of 13.5 million followers on TikTok that see videos like this,” they wrote. “Please sign the petition to help get OnlyJayus off this app and make it safer for all creators.” OnlyJayus has not yet responded to the petition, nor has TikTok.

“In the past, I said disgusting things to people, and I am so ashamed of myself for using racist rhetoric and derogatory language to hate others because I knew what that word meant and understood the power behind it, but I said it anyway because it was the meanest thing that I could think of, and I am so sorry to everyone, but especially to those in the black community,” they said in a video. “Only you people can forgive me for this,” they continued.

How Did Jayus Begin?

In 2003, an obscure figure named W. J. Jager wrote a two-part commentary in The New York Times about what he called nonce words—that is, those that are coined for special occasions and rarely heard outside them. One such nonce word, he suggested, was jayus, defined as the Yiddish term for a joke so poorly told and so unfunny that one cannot help but laugh.

Though Mr. Jager noted that jayus had not yet entered general usage, his brief definition inspired its own Wikipedia entry, which described it as an utterly meaningless statement or action whose utterance or performance is perceived to be humorous solely because of its inept delivery. A year later, a user on Urban Dictionary expanded on Mr. Jager’s etymology by writing that jayus is the awkward silence when someone tells a really bad joke. This definition struck a chord with many readers, who began using it in their everyday speech.

The Future of Jayus

If you’re a part of an industry with a lot of humor and laughs, it pays to give jayus thought in planning for its presence in your workplace. It’s even better if you can find some creative ways to turn those oops! moments into opportunities for lighthearted humor among employees—and with coworkers outside your department as well. Doing so makes all interactions more approachable and less stressful—and what could be better than that?


What is OnlyJayus name?

Isabella Avila is Onlyjayus’ real name. She is well-known as a digital creator, Tiktok star, and social media influencer. She began by posting films about humour, psychology, and science. She has over 786K followers and has 109 posts.

Who is Mattie's girlfriend?

Mattie Westbrouck, a Tiktok celebrity and social media influencer, is 21 years old. The majority of Mattie’s Tiktok videos feature POVs and funny material. The social media influencer is presently dating Isabella Avila, another TikTok celebrity.

What is Isabella Avila gender?

Avila, who is lesbian, was known as the “psychology facts girl” for her playful science and psychology films. She started uploading videos on YouTube in 2016, and then switched to TikTok in 2019.

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