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Computer aided translation tools, how they work and their advantages

(Last Updated On: May 3, 2018)

So you’ve heard of computer aided translation tools but don’t know what they are, how they work and what are the benefits in having a translation done with the help of such tools? Learn everything you need to know about computer assisted translation here.

What are computer aided translation tools?

Computer-aided translation (CAT) is the modern tool to help translators translate the content they receive much faster without any hassle. For a long time, translation has been a long and arduous task that is done by translators with a lot of hard work and turmoil. It is also detailed and very time-consuming. Then the era of computer software dawned, and translations became a much easier and quick process with the help of computer-aided translation tool, also known as CAT tools.

how do CAT tools work

How do computer aided translation tools work?

While the detailed description of the workings of the software would require a whole new post, we have summarized the basic gist for your interest and knowledge.

Extraction: The software engineers will take out all the content from any app, webpage, blog or any other online file that is ready for translation. The content will now be available for translation

Uploading: Now the source content will be put into the CAT that is in a cloud-based platform and will be translated into the cloud-based system.

Translation Memory: The CAT tool will browse through all the phrases in the cloud-based data center and take out all the phrases that are relatable and comparable in any way with the extracted content.

Glossary Search: This tool also has access to terminology and glossary banks and will give translators pointers on how to bring more fluency and consistency in the translated content with the use of these banks and databases.

Human Translation: Now the human translators will review and finish the content and will send the file to the project managers.

The Translation Memory: Now the translation memory has also added the new content that it has just translated and added new content to the already updating database.

Target File: The product is now created as the target file and the software engineer incorporates the source formatting, layout, functionality, setting and all other parts into the translated content and makes a final product identical to the original file.

Customer Review: USA Translate can tell you that now the customer will review the final product and clear it for the final submission and afterward the file is sent to the client and payment is received.

Why use CAT tools?

Because the CAT tools are a great part of the improvement in the efficiency of the translation. Machine translation is immediate, but is also practically useless because you have to go through the entire product yourself. But CAT takes time, however is much more accurate because it takes similar phrases from the cloud and uses them for doing the translation.

Advantages in using computer aided translation tools

Cost Effective: As CAT translations take much less time and effort, the final bill for CAT translations is also much cheaper and easy to bear because the translator is not translating from scratch.

Consistent Translation: CAT tools are ideal for technical translation where the consistency of the translation is very significant. Terminologies, the meaning of professional words and other factors are all much easier to handle if the translation is done through CAT tools first as they are connected with glossaries and terminology databases.

Quality Improvement: Quality of CAT is far better than a Machine Translation and even better than a real translator. Because CAT tools are working with auto- correct, grammar checks, and other tools that fight bad editing and missing translations.

advantages of using computer aided translation

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