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Where Can I Get My Brazilian Birth Certificate Translation Done?

(Last Updated On: October 20, 2020)
Where Can I Get My Brazilian Birth Certificate Translation Done?

There is a certain kind of attachment to birth places. No matter how far we go from our home, we long to come back. Nostalgia is a profound feeling that every human experience. If you were born in Brazil, you must have seen a world of cultural diversity. Being one of the most populous countries in the world, Brazil is home to people of various color, creed, cast, and religion.

The past century has seen an immense rise in immigrants moving to Brazil from all over the world. Brazil is also famous for its music, tourist attractions, beaches, rivers, and historical monuments. The iconic statue of Jesus Christ, also known as the Christ the Redeemer is a great site for adventurers.

Every year thousands of people travel to Rio De Janeiro to see this glorious structure. Because of this, Brazil is the most popular Latin American country. And the only Latin American country with Portuguese as an official language. As much as you love your country, there are times and reasons when you choose to move to another country. And if you are a Brazilian, planning on moving to the US, you’ll most definitely be looking for a company where you can get your Brazilian birth certificate translation into English. Searching for a Brazilian Portuguese Translator means you have to take a lot into consideration.

Spanish Or Portuguese

First of all, you’ll have to find a service that’s clear about your requirement. For many, the language of Latin American countries is only Spanish. And if you are not being fully specific or the service providers are not well aware of the language spoken in Brazil, chances are, they won’t have any special translators. But if you come across a dedicated service that is fabricated around Latin American language services, you’ll definitely get professionals who could translate your birth certificate.

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Native English Or Native Portuguese

Well, that’s a hard one. But yes, natives and in-country linguists are more trustable than others. In fact, if you want to hire someone for a Portuguese to English translation, someone who’s a native English and has lived his life in Brazil studied there, would be the best option for your project. Not only will he be able to speak and understand English but he’ll also have the necessary knowledge of the terms, dialects, and words used in the conversational Portuguese language.

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Qualification VS Experience

It is said that in the earlier times, people used to hire professionals on the basis of their experiences rather than their theoretical knowledge. The trend is getting back in technical and practical areas, yet when it comes to translation, it must be handed over to someone who is professionally qualified and had acquired a degree from a recognized institution. A professional will understand the difference between Spanish and Brazilian.

He’d be aware of the distinctions between European and Brazilian Portuguese and African Portuguese. Another reason to choose a qualification is that a professional won’t let any grammatical error occur. Even a single mistake in grammar can change the meaning of the whole document. Even though the translation of a birth certificate doesn’t require additional knowledge about local dialects and varieties, yet a professional who understands all the differences won’t be making any mistake.

Quality Assurance

This goes without saying, never compromise on quality. Translation services are required for many purposes, these would include website localization, business document, immigration and so on. But the most significant part of any document is the quality of the content and information in it. Quality is more important when it comes to birth certificate translations. Birth certificates are required to be submitted at immigration, universities and legal institutions, this is why it is all the more important to have quality assurance before hiring anyone for the project.

Certified Translations

If your Brazilian birth certificate is required at USCIS, it must be certified. Worried about finding the certified translations? you can have them through any reputable company. A translator can certify that he has done his job to the best of his knowledge and sign the certification. Companies that are certified members of the American Translators Association can also provide certified translations. Since your visa or university application largely depends upon your documents, the translations must be done by professionals and must be approved.

If you are looking for a Brazilian Portuguese translator, you can check out our languages section. We offer different Latin American languages including Brazilian. Our native professionals will take care of your translation requirement without letting you worry about anything. Moreover, we offer the most affordable rates for the convenience of our customers. No rush rates, no emergency fees. We even provide 24 hours express delivery without asking for any additional charges. You can get in touch with us through our instant communication tools including live chat, phone call, and instant quotes. So stop waiting and choose our services for better and convenient customer experience.

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