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Cuban Translations

(Last Updated On: November 12, 2020)

Cuban Languages:

Cuba is a country in the Caribbean with a population of eleven million. It has the second-highest population in the Caribbean after Haiti. Aboriginal Taino People inhabited Cuba from the 4th millennium BC until the Spanish colonizers arrived in the region in the 15th century. The language and culture of the Spaniards affected the customs and traditions of the Aboriginal Taino People. Communism was established in Cuba by Fidel Castro. Since 1965, the Cuban Communist Party has been ruling the state. Journalism in Cuba is very dangerous under the rule of the Cuban Communist Party. Many journalists get imprisoned every year. Cuba had strong ties with the Soviet Union. The aid from the Soviet Union before its collapse supported the Cuban economy.

Today, Spanish is the most spoken language in Cuba. It is the official language of the country and is known as Cuban Spanish. It is a variety of Caribbean Spanish and has been influenced by other languages of the region. The Spanish of the Canary Islands has also influenced the language of Cuba. Spanish has taken many loan words from the English language.

The second most spoken language in Cuba is Haitian Creole. It is spoken by Haitian immigrants and their descendants all over the country. Lucumi, a dialect of Yoruba is also spoken in Cuba. Galician and Corsican are also spoken in the country by immigrants.

Cuban Translations:

Language services have always been very important to the world. They keep us connected. Without them, individuals and companies will not be able to make much progress. When people apply for immigration to the United States but their documents are not in English, they have to hire language experts.

Spanish translators are in demand everywhere in the world. There are multiple reasons behind that. Spanish is one of the most languages in the world. Every year thousands of Spanish speakers arrive in the United States. But they won’t be able to send in their immigration or visa application without language services. Cuban people who want to study at a university in New York City will also require language services.

People also require English to Cuban Spanish translations from time to time. If an American wants to get married in Cuba to a native citizen, they will have to go through multiple steps. One of the steps will be to get notarized translations of your identity documents in Cuban Spanish. After obtaining Cuban translations, a person will also have to visit the Cuban Embassy in Washington DC to get their documents legalized. If both the home country of the applicant and the country they want to visit/marry in are a part of the Apostille Convention, then there will be no need to get documents legalized.


Trends Regarding English to Cuban Spanish Translations:

Cuba has a planned economy where the majority of the means of production are run by the government. The Cuban economy is slowly beginning to change. The private sector is growing bigger. The country has opened its borders to more tourists and businesses. This has increased the need for Cuban translations.

Here are some common trends regarding English to Cuban Spanish translations:

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1. Choosing the First Option:

A lot of companies that are entering the Cuban market are not familiar with the Cuban language. They think Spanish in Cuba is the same as Spanish in Mexico. But the Cuban variety of Spanish is known as Caribbean Spanish. The culture of the region has influenced the Cuban culture and language. But since foreigners don’t know this, they often choose the first option they come across for translations. Many companies end up hiring inexperienced Spanish translators. Incorrect translations keep them from connecting with their target audience.

2. Literature:

Businesses are not the only ones who require Cuban translations. Cuban people want access to the world’s literature. They want to enjoy American literature in their own language. But it is only possible when qualified literary translators are hired to translate American literature. Reading both the English version and the translated version of a book can also help Cuban people learn the English language. It was Laura Mestre Hevia who made literary translations popular in Cuba.

The importance of literary translation was recognized when a poetry translation won the PEN America award. Many people believe that poetry in translation losses its meaning but the works of various famous translators have proved them wrong. Cuban poetry is also becoming famous around the world because of its translations in multiple foreign languages.

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3. Marrying A Cuban Citizen:

The Cuban government has set up rules for foreigners who want to marry a citizen of Cuba. A person will have to obtain certified true copies of their personal documents. The true copies will have to get authenticated by the U.S. State Department in Washington DC. The documents must then be translated into Cuban Spanish. The final step of this process is to get your personal documents legalized by the Cuban Embassy in Washington DC. If you don’t get your documents legalized by the Cuban Embassy, you won’t be able to use them in Cuba. If you don’t get your documents translated before visiting the Cuban embassy, you will not be able to get them legalized.

Common Cuban Spanish Translation Questions:

The first thing people need to understand about Cuban translations is that the Spanish spoken in Cuba is not the same as the language used in other Latin American countries. Only a native linguistic expert from Cuba can provide you with accurate language solutions. Choosing the right service provider is the best way to get accurate translations into Spanish.

Another question people ask is about certified translations in Spanish in Cuba. If a Cuban citizen wants to immigrate to New York City, they will need to get certified translations of all of their documents in English. Without official Cuban translations, immigrating to New York will not be possible.

If you are getting Cuban translations in New York City or any other part of the US, you will have to get them legalized from the Cuban Embassy in Washington, DC. It is also important to find the right Cuban Spanish translation services because if you show up at the Cuban Embassy with incorrect translations, they will not be legalized.

There are many Cuban Spanish translation services providers these days. As the Cuban market is growing, the foreign companies’ need for language services has also increased. However, it is important to hire qualified professionals if you want to get accurate solutions. There are a lot of aspects of marketing translation that can only be handled by professionals. So, if you are wondering if different translators handle different tasks then the answer is yes. You will have to find the right specialist for every translation.

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